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Chemical Signatures

Please complete the following assignment on Chemical signatures. You will need to see me for resources on how to test for chemical substances or have a look at the resources list and read about testing chemical substances.

Following this please complete the following assignment and submit to Dawn. You will need to have a discussion with me regarding the crime!! Crime Tape

Chemical Substances


Crime Scenes

Crime SceneEveryone is in a group where their goal is to create a crime sceneĀ  that is solvable given the parameters of the classroom and the course content.


Step 1: Agree on a crime scene that you all want to create

Step 2: Create a list of resources that you are going to need to set up your crime scene

Step 3: Consider the evidence that you are going to plant. Items to consider: foot prints, insects, fibres, bones, car pieces, weapons.

Step 4: Are there any items/ facts that you need to handout or record close to the crime scene as background information that will support the solving of the crime?

Step 5: Create the scene and people!


Iliana, Dyan, Toni

Josh, Rebecca, Kelly

Mike, Salem, Marshall

Rylie, Janelle, Eamon