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Introduction to Forensics

You’re hiking in the woods when you come upon the body of a young woman half hidden in the bushes. Her Finger Printhair is drenched with blood and she isn’t breathing. You call 9-1-1. Soon the authorities arrive on the scene. Emergency personnel check the victim for signs of life. Then the police tape off the area so no one can get in or out. Identification officers then comb the area for evidence.

Forensic specialist at crime scene

Next, the coroner arrives and confirms the victim is dead. Her body is placed in a long plastic bag and is removed from the crime scene. Later, at the morgue, a forensic pathologist examines the body for more evidence and a cause of death. Among other things, he finds a bullet. Later at the lab, firearms experts determine that the bullet was fired from a gun belonging to the victim’s husband. A forensic chemist also uncovers traces of fresh gunpowder on the husband’s clothing. Shoeprints from the scene are also found to match the husband’s.

Is the husband guilty? It’s sure beginning to look like it – the evidence is mounting against him.

(OpenSchool BC 2009: Science and Technology 11)


Murder on Mayberry Street