Student Inquiry

Students will engage in an inquiry that allows them to dig deep into their learning.

Agriculture Videos

Hog production and environmental factors

Cows released after being kept inside for a prolonged period


Agriculture Resources

ALR’s: (Iliana)


Organic rules: (Shayla)

Organic Regulations: (Rebecca)

US Organic Regulations: (Rylie)

GMO’s:  (Janelle)


GMO’s Salmon Eggs: (Salem)


Technology: (Mike)

Transportation:  (Eamon)

Transportation:  (Josh)

Crop Grafting- (Dylan)

Class Presentations

Earl Claxton and John Williams– Aboriginal ways of food production, processing and preservation. Hands agriculture

Gethsemane Luttrell– First Nations Environmental Health Officer. She will discuss provincial and federal laws and codes for food production.

Peter Malowney- Mainland farmer who produces dairy, turkey and grain.

Class Field Trips

The class will head to Christine Keen’s local farm. We will spend the class looking at genetically altered species with a focus on purpose. We will also consider organic production vs. inorganic farming practices. Lastly, we will consider local farming technologies.


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