Personal Technologies

Student Inquiries

Students will choose a technology of interest and with guidance, will create an inquiry question, and research their technology. This will include additional specifics which will be outlined soon. Future Tech

Small Reflection Assignments:

Categories of Adopters

My Adoption of a Personal Technology

Personal Reflection 3 days of Personal Tech

Features of systems assignment


Potential Personal Technology Trends for 2013


CNN, The coolest things in technology 2014

Class Presentations

Eric Jordan

Mr. Jordan was appointed as the President of the Premier’s Technology Council. The PTC provides high level policy advice to the B.C. Premier on all issues related to technology, including the use of technology by the B.C. government and steps to grow B.C.’s technology industry.  I got my start by co-founding an enterprise software company in 1993 which I ran and then sold to IBM in 2005.

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