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GoPro Technology

TED Talks: The Brain on Video Games

Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on Video Games

I think you will be surprised to hear the science behind video games and the brain!

Health issues are not discussed.


Why I Teach the Way I do


Student Day at GottaCon 2014

An Exploration of Career Opportunities in

the Local Video Game Industry

Friday February 28th 10:15-1:45



10:15- Meet at WestShore’s StoreFront

10:30- Board Bus and leave to the Victoria Conference Center

11:00- 1:00ish- Registration, presentation and tour the event

1:15- Leave event to return back to WestShore for approx. 1:45

          **Please bring a packed lunch**

The Day Has Come!

Today we get to test out making student blogs. The districts IT department has created an entire location where students can create their own blog and all of the information will stored within our district servers. Global Learning

We will start at the address above and I will walk you through creating!!

General Structure of this Inquiy Based Course

The class and I are going to be focusing on Inquiry as a framework for learning and engaging with educational materials and online resources.

This course will focus on 4 themes or units: Agriculture, Forensics, Personal Technologies, and Transportation. As a class we will work our way through these topics and each student will do an Inquiry within each unit. I will be introducing each theme/ unit as well as have the students explore and understand the basics before developing an Inquiry question of their own. There will also be presenters invited in to present on high interest topics and topics that are part of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes, to make sure we are discussing and engaging in the learning process for all Ministry prescribed materials. We will also be taking breaks from the classroom to go out and explore the real environments of our themes to further develop an understanding of course materials.Learn

As for assessment, each student will have their own blog where they can present their learning as well as final projects. Summative assessments will be determined as students demonstrate proficiency/mastery toward particular learning outcomes. Students will work collaboratively with the teacher to determine summative achievement on assignments and letter grades based upon dialogue, and evidence of learning which can be demonstrated in many ways and determined by the student: interview, video, blog, project presentation, paper, or exam format.