Agriculture Projects

Science and Technology 11: Agriculture


Rylie, Marshall and Janelle: Genetics and Genetically Modified Organisms Debate
Salem, Dani and Brock: Meat and poultry production within Canada and internationally. Debate
Toni, Shayla and Rebecca: Local and First Nations Food Production Public Service Announcement
Mike, Kelly and Iliana: Vegetable and Dairy production within Canada and around the world. Newscast
Josh, Eamon and Dylan: Local and international farming technologies and transportation. Newscast


Components to include

  • Local information vs. another
  • Note water and soil management
  • Anything genetically modified?
  • Any new varieties?
  • What safety standards are there?
  • How is it processed and produced
  • Organic vs. non-organic considerations
  • Ethical concerns (slaughtering, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics)
  • Has the production of this product changed over time?
  • Technology involved

Inquiry Critical Thinking Chart

Project Due Date: April 29th


Citing Resources (MLA Style Please)

Cite This For Me

Easy Bib


Starting PBL: Agriculture

You have submitted a list of peers that you would like to work with. I have placed you into groups of three, one of the people in your groups is someone from your list, unless you did not submit your list!

Once in your groups, you will need to establish a working group agreement. If you do not comply with what you have agreed to, you may be fired from your team as everyone else is counting on you. Here are some essential forms and information to help us all understand how PBL works in an effective way (resources from Thom Markham): Brain tech

Conflict Resolution Speak

Contracts in Project Based Learning

Project Design Guidelines

Student Contract Sample

Please make sure to establish the following:

  • What topic are you all interested in and then create an inquiry question;
  • what are you going to do if you are away sick? How are you going to contribute that day?
  • where is your team going to store resources?
  • how are you going to decide on an end project as a team?
  • what key roles are people going to play?

Inquiry and Project Rubric


Collaborative PBL Work Space Test

I am trying to find a secure place for you to work within your groups and we are going to try out

Once you have your project groups established please go to the above link and post your inquiry questions within your selected category (on left side of page). The aim for this space is for your group to have a space to work collaboratively even if you are away / at home for the day.

Agriculture: Green Gold Reflection

Please watch the video and then write a reflection on your blogs about “The importance of soil and water management to agriculture”.


Personal Technology Final Week

This will be your last week to work on your Personal Technology inquiry. Your time should be spent creating your project. We will be presenting these on Thursday at 10:15am.

Cell Phones

Where Are We At?

We have started our first BIG inquiry. We are focusing on Personal Technologies. Students are free to create their own inquiry question, using the inquiry question format (Developing an Inquiry Question). To date, we have all created our inquiry questions, found a supportive video(s) and are now researching to support and answer our individual questions. I have asked that students locate a minimum of the following:

  • 2 pictures
  • 1 video
  • 3-5 sound resources (journals, company sites etc)
  • 1-2 community members (business owners, friends, community members or online supports)

 Resource Citing: 




GoPro Technology

TED Talks: The Brain on Video Games

Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on Video Games

I think you will be surprised to hear the science behind video games and the brain!

Health issues are not discussed.


Why I Teach the Way I do


Student Day at GottaCon 2014

An Exploration of Career Opportunities in

the Local Video Game Industry

Friday February 28th 10:15-1:45



10:15- Meet at WestShore’s StoreFront

10:30- Board Bus and leave to the Victoria Conference Center

11:00- 1:00ish- Registration, presentation and tour the event

1:15- Leave event to return back to WestShore for approx. 1:45

          **Please bring a packed lunch**